The Path to Your Subconscious Mind

Articles on the Mind
Smoking and the Power of the Mind
The High of Being in Love
Thinking in Circles
Understanding Jealousy

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The Way of the Mind

Hypnosis is a state of mental and physical relaxation and enhanced awareness in which the mind is able to communicate with the subconscious mind.
By gradually reprogramming your subconscious mind, hypnosis recordings can help you:

Lose Weight with...
Slim and Slender
Affirmations for a Thinner Body
Harmony Weight Management System

Quit Smoking with...
Clearing the Smoke

Gain Control of Your Life with...
Putting Stress to Rest
Letting Go
Confidence Booster
Good Habits

Improve your Physical Health with...
Immune Odyssey
Taming Diabetes
Cardiovascular Rejuvenation
Fountain of Youth
Sleep Tight All Night
Pain Away

Sharpen your Mental Skills with...
Using Intuition
Painless Studying
Mental Clarity
Online Poker