OnlinePoker: Getting a Mental Edge with Hypnosis

Do you play online poker?
Would you like to...
...Know how to prepare mentally for the game?
...Be in control while playing?
...React better afterwards?
...Basically think above the rest?

Online Poker: Getting a Mental Edge with Hypnosis is for you! Learn to reprogram your mind so you can start thinking like a pro. This 17-minute session will increase your chances of winning. Among other things, it will help you raise your confidence level, adopt a winning attitude, be in control of your decisions, attract the right players, be highly focused on the game, weigh your options in each move you make, make the correct decisions, choose to remain calm in every situation, and always play fair.

All it takes is 17 minutes of easy listening per day. Listen and beat the odds!

Instant Download (mp3 version) - $30 USD
Compact Disc (audio CD) - $24.95 USD plus shipping

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