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Hypnosis Sessions
Abundance: The Secret in Action
to Create Success
The Secret is out! It is possible to train your mind to attract riches. This hypnosis session could mean the difference between struggling to make ends meet and enjoying effortless abundance. All it takes is less than 30 minutes of easy listening per day. Listen and grow rich!
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Slim and Slender
on Weight Loss
Being overweight is difficult. But losing weight often seems like the end of the world! Since overeating is done with the mind, only by reprogramming our mind can we control our appetite. With hypnosis, you can now lose the weight you want and keep it off, without going hungry. Learn to change your eating behaviour and food habits by the sheer power of your mind. You will feel better about yourself, both emotionally and physically, your energy will increase, and your health risks will decrease. Start listening to this program right away, and be the slim and slender person you desire!
Warning: Sometimes weight imbalance is caused by a specific physical disorder. Be sure to seek medical advice.
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Affirmations for a Thinner Body
With a soothing musical background, this recording offers slimming affirmations for you to repeat and register in your subconscious mind. Since it is not a hypnosis session -- i.e., it does require you to close your eyes and focus 100% -- it can be played while you are driving, doing chores or performing repetitive manual tasks (not thinking tasks).
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to Boost your Metabolism

Sometimes by going on a diet to lose weight, we teach our metabolism to slow down, thus reducing our energy level and lowering our ability to burn calories.Turbo-Metabolism is a tested and proven guided imagery technique, which allows you to increase your metabolism by working on the different glands of your body. While relaxing you, it will help you burn more calories and have more energy.To achieve the best results, listen to it twice a day for the first 2 weeks, once a day for 4 weeks, and just once a week afterwards.
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Clearing the Smoke
to Quit Smoking

Did you know that the effects of nicotine are gone from your body within 6 days after you quit smoking? All the smoke cravings are the product of your mind. Hypnosis can help you reprogram your mind. If you have a genuine desire to stop smoking -- not just wishful thinking -- this programme will help you eliminate cravings and enhance the quality of your life. Listen, kick the habit, and clear the smoke... forever!
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Putting Stress to Rest
on Stress Release

If a bit of stress can actually be beneficial, because it focuses your attention, extreme stress can bring many health problems. However, how often do you consciously take time to relax? Any type of hypnosis is naturally conducive to relaxation, but this specific session is just like a mental spa, allowing you to instantly dissolve the stress you feel and dive into a world of peace and serenity. Our brain is a like a sea battered by a raging thunderstorm. Various triggers stimulate numerous brain activities even while we sleep. Stressors act like thunderstorms stirring brain activities that in turn push our tolerance level off the charts. Wouldn't it be great to just go and dissolve these thunderstorms? Hypnosis and deep yoga sessions do exactly that. By keeping yourself calm you can push your mind to relax. Don't wait any longer, listen and... relax!

Sleep Tight All Night
to Reduce Insomnia

Your mind and body deserve the stamina provided by a good sleep. If you have trouble falling asleep or if you wake up and can’t go back to sleep, you don’t want to rely on sleeping pills. Just listen to this hypnosis recording and let the magic happen. You’ll sleep like a baby!

Pain Away
to Relieve Pain
Whether you are suffering from chronic or acute pain, you can learn to reduce your discomfort. Hypnosis is one of the most efficient methods to bypass your pain receptors and bring you relief. Listen to this recording and feel good.
Warning: Pain is a warning system. Be sure to seek medical advice in case of lasting or recurrent pain.

Confidence Booster
to Increase Confidence

If you eliminate fears and nervousness, you will perform at your best. Confidence is one a key to personal and professional success. This proven product will help you build your confidence, maximize you talents and abilities, and achieve your full potential. It is time to energize your life and your career with a boost of confidence!
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Mental Clarity
on Concentration and Memory
Do you tend to forget names, faces, appointments or other important information? Do you have trouble focusing? This programme will help you increase your concentration power and improve your memory. This in turn will overcome your frustration and enhance your self-esteem. Listen to this hypnosis session and gain mental clarity right away!

Fountain of Youth
on Metabolism, Energy, and Body Cells

By fostering cell regeneration, metabolism acceleration and energy increase, this preventive hypnosis session promotes long-term health while providing an instant "picker-upper." Perfect for body and mind!
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Painless Studying
to Ease the Learning Process
Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a remedy that both relieves stress and prepares your mind to study? It does exist!You can now relax your mind in order to access your subconscious mind and tap into its unlimited resources. Painless Studying provides relaxation and mind clarity through encouraging and comforting suggestions combined with a soothing musical background. Just listen to this 23-minute recording on a regular basis, each time you are ready to study. It will calm you down and will open your mind to the learning process. Studying has never been this easy!

Good Habits
to Replace a Bad Habit with a Good One

If you are trying to get rid of a bad habit, the best way is to replace it with a good one. But this is more easily said than done!By working on your subconscious mind and assisting you in visualizing the good habit replacing the bad one, Good Habits will imprint the desired behaviour so deeply and so pleasantly in your mind, that it will be easy to make it part of the new you. Therefore, as long as you are ready to change, it will help you achieve your goal!

Online Poker
Getting a Mental Edge

Learn to reprogram your mind so you can start thinking like a pro. This 17-minute session will increase your chances of winning. Among other things, it will help you raise your confidence level, adopt a winning attitude, be in control of your decisions, attract the right players, be highly focused on the game, weigh your options in each move you make, make the correct decisions, choose to remain calm in every situation, and always play fair.

Using Intuition
to Solve a Problem
When we have to make a decision or solve a problem, we are often so focused on the outside situation that we forget to look inside. Our own intuition is however our best advisor, as long as we are not blinded by our emotions and outside influences. By calming your mind and leading you through simple visualizations, this hypnosis session will help you develop your power of intuition so that you can solve your own problems the best way possible

Letting Go
a Healing Journey through Symbols and Imagery
This healing journey will take you to a meadow, a mountain, a forest, and different places selected for the symbols they represent in our psyche. Without actually identifying any problem in your life, you will be able to deal with them with images, letting go of the emotions attached to them without having to bring them out. Letting Go is a therapeutic session that is both enjoyable and unobtrusive.

Cardiovascular Rejuvenation
to Invigorate your Heart and Blood Vessels
This guided imagery recording will take you on an inner journey, focusing on the heart and following your blood as it travels through your arteries and vessels, while cleaning and restoring anything in need of repair along the way. "I played your recording twice a day," Sarah wrote "and after only eight days my blood pressure had dropped considerably."
Warning: This session can be used in conjunction with medical treatment, not as a replacement.

Immune Odyssey
to Help You Fight Cancer

A woman scheduled for chemotherapy treatment was about to fly to Hawaii for a week's vacation. However, after a pre-treatment test, she was told that her white count was only about half what it should be and she would probably have to forego her vacation. For four days she concentrated on raising her white cell count, using imagery techniques. When she went in for another blood test, her white count had more than doubled. She was able to have her treatment and, the next day, she was walking on the beach in Hawaii.This hypnosis session uses similar imagery techniques, combined with soothing music. It fortifies your immune system, and has no unwanted side effects.
Warning: This session can be used in conjunction with medical treatment, not as a replacement.

Taming Diabetes
on Diabetes
Many researchers have proven that stress reduction through relaxation and hypnosis is a vital part of diabetes management, where it appears to lower blood glucose. In addition, Taming Diabetes uses a guided imagery approach, taking you on an internal voyage throughout your body to help you regulate your insulin level and facilitate your healing
Warning: This session can be used in conjunction with medical treatment, not as a replacement.

Educational Program
Success through Self-Hypnosis
A Detailed Process to Master Self-Hypnosis
This educational program (not a hypnosis session) will help you achieve any goal you desire. It contains a very powerful and effective set of instructions that will allow you to hypnotize yourself at will, and to reach your own goals. It gives you total control over what you want to accomplish.You will also find six examples of possible self-hypnosis sessions, including Losing weight, Quitting smoking, Speaking in public, Starting a new business, Improving a relationship, and Going to the dentist. A practice session with music is also included.
Apply self-hypnosis to all the goals you want to achieve, and to take control of your destiny!
This program, containing 2 recordings (mp3) and 1 workbook (pdf) costs $80.

Hypnosis Sessions in French
Ligne svelte
pour perdre du poids
Personne ne souhaite être ou rester gros, mais perdre du poids semble parfois être une tâche insurmontable. Étant donné que l’appétit est régi par l’activité du cerveau, ce n’est qu’en reprogrammant son cerveau qu’on peut contrôler son appétit. En agissant sur le cerveau, l’hypnose peut donc vous permettre de perdre le poids que vous désirez, sans le reprendre par la suite et sans mourir de faim. Apprenez à changer peu à peu votre attitude et vos habitudes alimentaires grâce au pouvoir de votre esprit. Vous vous sentirez mieux émotionnellement et physiquement, vous aurez plus d’énergie, et vous vivrez plus sainement. Commencez à écouter cet enregistrement dès aujourd’hui et gardez la ligne pour toujours!
Attention : une prise de poids est parfois liée à une maladie. Renseignez-vous auprès de votre médecin.

Havre de paix
pour réduire le stress
En petite quantité, le stress peut vous aider à vous concentrer, mais quand il devient extrême, il cause toutes sortes de troubles physiques. Pourtant, rares sont les gens stressés qui prennent sciemment le temps de se détendre. Toute hypnose est déjà relaxante, mais cette séance en particulier est un calmant naturel qui vous permettra de vous débarrasser instantanément de votre stress et de vous plonger dans un havre de paix et de sérénité. N’attendez plus. Écoutez et détendez-vous!
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Pleine confiance
sur la confiance en soi

Si vos craintes et votre nervosité disparaissaient, vous pourriez vous donner à fond. La confiance en soi est la clé du succès personnel et professionnel. Ce produit, qui a fait ses preuves, vous donnera de l'assurance, optimisera vos talents et aptitudes, et vous permettra d’atteindre votre plein rendement. Il est temps de donner un coup de pouce à votre vie et à votre carrière!

Fontaine de Jouvence
sur le métabolisme, l'énergie et les cellules

En stimulant la régénération de cellules, l’accélération du métabolisme et l’accroissement de l'énergie, cette séance d’hypnose préventive favorise une bonne santé à long terme tout en assurant un bien-être instantané. Parfait pour le corps et l’esprit !

Sommeil à discrétion
pour pallier à l'insomnie

Votre corps et votre esprit ont quotidiennement besoin de « refaire le plein » par un sommeil réparateur. Si vous avez de la difficulté à vous endormir, ou si vous vous réveillez mais ne parvenez pas à vous rendormir, ne prenez pas de somnifères. Laissez-vous bercer par cet enregistrement. Le sommeil ne se fera pas attendre et vous dormirez à poings fermés.

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